What if ex ignores me?

Been tgt with him for almost 8 mths. broke up recently only. now we're currently in the "no contact" period. It started after he did not reply my casual message on the day of breakup (as in few hours after the breakup). I've read online the default "no contact" period is 30 days. could be more or less depending on the length of rs. I am thinking what if I wanna contact him after, for example, 30 days, send him a harmless casual message... what if he ignores me? are my chances of getting ignored high? But before you answer yes or no, let me tell you a bit of our reason for being apart.

I feel that there's no major hurt during the breakup. The reason why we broke up is because we feel that we need some time apart from each other to take a breather. he is currently in his last year of uni. he told me he wanted to focus on his studies, saying that his feelings for me is not as crazy as before (as in first few months of rs), and he feels confused. He's very focused with himself, that's what he said to me. Since he told me that, I decided to let him go and let him have some "me" time. None of us have broke the "no contact" period yet (but if he contacts me before 30days are up i will ignore him). He said he missed a bit of single life, just a BIT. Right now I am healing myself and try to enjoy and adapt single life and move on (hope he does too). SO back to the main qns: are my chances of getting ignored high if I send a message after we finished the "no contact" period? I would prefer a yes/no answer for this.
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+1 y
Got one time I asked him if we were to break, will we remain as friends? he said "yes"
What if ex ignores me?
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