What would you do if you could have the 2rd chance you always wish for?

So i just find out yday that the girl i was almost inengaged to is now single and i am current not. I haven't not spoke to my ex in 2 years after our forced break up by her parents, we moved on to someone else. My current girlfriend is great i care about a lot and she the 1 thing that put a smile back on my face after my rebound girlfriend who cheated on me twice. However my feelings for her or not intase like they were with my ex and i always question why? We have spoke about this a few times and have decided to wait 12 month To see if my feeling get strong for her. I always felt like she deserve better since i couldn't love her on the lvl she loved me.

Now i don't feel like thing's would change at all with my ex girlfriend. The main reason things didn't work out was becuase she let her parents control our relationship too much becuase of this we never even had a real relationships. We were not allowed to leave her house unless her older sister took us out which she did only 3 times in the 8 months that we dated. So yea we were doomed from day one lol. Anyway i haven't been creeping on my ex or checking her profile 247 i forget untill a mutal friend felt the need to tell me this and i even had a dream about my ex the night before. I have no plans to broke up with my current girlfriend we have beem dating 5 months and i own it too myself to see if this will turn into someone more n if i will fall for her. Anyway what do you guys think?

please every one keep any rude comment's to yourself gag is a person to go too for advice.

What would you do if you could have the 2rd chance you always wish for?
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