Should I try get back with my ex?

My ex broke up with me because she wasn't ready for a serious relationship.

(This wasn't the first time this girl struck me down. I asked her out last year and she said she wasn't looking for a relationship and this year she came to me looking for one. She never dated anyone before me so I'm not sure if she's just scared.)

She said she still had feelings for me when I talked to her to get some closure but she said she's trying to get over that. We decided to give ourselves some space before we try to be friends again.

It's been 3 months since that break up. I got over our relationship and started doing my normal things. We hang out with the same people so we see each other a lot. We casually talk and I would even consider her my friend.

Though I have to admit that I fell for her again. Though this girl may not know it, I improved a lot about myself just to impress her and try to get her to like me. It worked, obviously. She means a lot to me. I ran out in 30 degree weather only in a t-shirt and jeans to see what went wrong here.

I'm honestly considering to start flirting with her again and seeing how she feels but ultimately I want to get back with her in the most effective way. Any tips?
Should I try get back with my ex?
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