We dated for a little then broke up because she wasn't over her ex, how should I interpret her behavior?

So three months ago a mutual friend of mine brought this girl up. She was interested in me and my friend wanted to hook us up. I declined because I was talking to another girl at the time. Fast forward to about a month and a half ago and I agreed to take her number when the mutual friend brought her up again. Things went well when we started talking. We flirted back and forth and things were developing well. So we saw each other when we did something with our mutual friend. Things progressed well and decided to go on a date from there. So a week and half into us starting to text each other we went out on our first date. The date went well and we became intimate. Things were going fine until I found out her ex was still in the picture in some capacity. They were together for four years before we got together and they had only been broken up for a month before we started dating. They still shared a dog together that she picked up to see on the weekends. A week ago they got into a fight when she tried to pick up the dog. It was a huge argument that she didn't tell me the full story until we saw each other again. That same night she said how she thought we took things to fast. We eventually agreed to break up and we would give each other some space then try and talk as friends. After that we would try and hang out again in a couple weeks when our school semesters die down. She said that she is not fully ready to give up the dog and she does get a lot of anxiety when there are many stressors in her life. I waited five days before we tried talking as friends and its been very odd since. She barely says anything to me and responds only a couple times in the day. She mentioned when we split how she still really liked me and cared but also wanted us to get to know each other better. Sorry for the novel but I want to know if this is a situation I should wait on or just cut my losses. I still care about her a lot as well.
We dated for a little then broke up because she wasn't over her ex, how should I interpret her behavior?
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