What does it mean when my ex still has photos of us on social media?

First off, it was an amicable break up. She wasn't ready for a relationship and was scared it would get serious too fast. In that moment filled with emotion, she told me she doesn't see herself in a relationship with me or anyone else anytime soon.

Now, when we broke up, I deleted our photos within a week. I was heart broken, instead of going out to hang out with my friends, I would stay at my place and sulk.

Her on the other hand, she has kept them up and she's been posting frequently (relatively speaking). Plus, she doesn't seem that effected by the break up and that made me upset with her.

But, I still care for her and I know she still cares for me (she told me when I asked her for closure) or at least she did a couple weeks ago.

Ultimately, I wish to get back with her because she gave me an uncanny experience that no girl, in this demographic, could beat.

Although, I am still stuck on this damn question on why she still has our photos. Does it really mean anything? Could I still have a chance with this girl?


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  • she hasn't got over you

    • That's probably true but she didn't break up with me because she didn't like me. She just thought she wasn't ready

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