She doesn't want her daughter anymore?

last week my bfs ex decided she didn't want there daughter to stay there any more. how can a mother all the sudden just do that. we keep her a lot any way now its going to be full time. she doesn't want child support to change cause she said in a few weeks she will take her back. the question is should we give her a chance to take the child back after her ditching her?


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  • I honestly think you and your boyfriend should discuss what your boyfriend and his ex want to do with their child's future first - since they are the parents. If both of you feel no discussion is possible (because she's being unreasonable for example), take it to court right away before the child keeps suffering from this back and forth game..A judge only looks at the child's best interest and not (in this case) at a mother who will decide when she wants to be a mom and when not again...

    If you personally have problems with her behavior (which I'd understand), please get some legal advice asap..especially if you (personally) like to take care of the child as well even though it's not yours..

    The tricky part is, if you don't take the legal steps and you decide the both of you to just keep the child for yourselves, she may actually sue you(r bf) as she "is still the mother"...So watch out before you simply decide to keep the child against the mother's will..

    • She is in trouble this week she made some people mad and they are threating to kill her she said. so either way the kid is safer with us but I wonder how good of chance there is of getting her.

    • I'm no lawyer, but I'd guess that the father would have a lot of chances of getting her (given he's not in as much seriously disruptive trouble as the mother..) - especially if the court sees that apparently you are being supportive to the girl (even better, the daughter liking you - depending on her age she may have something to say as well).

      Honestly, if I would know any mother is in such life-threatening situation and indirectly putting her child in that situation, I'd call the cops on her..

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  • Well did she say why? Is there something going on in her life that maybe she does not want her child exposed too? If she is just ditching her child then yes maybe it would be best to get full custody of the child but making sure the mom does get visitation. It is important for her to have both parents in her life if possible but more important for her to have a stable parent who she can count on.


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