He's back and wants to continue where we left off?

8 months ago I was seeing someone in the military. It was just casual and we had only been on a few dates, then he had to go to another province to sell his house and move out here where he is stationed. He was gone for a month and then just disappeared, I was upset of course but had this gut feeling that he was sent overseas again so I didn't hold anything against him. Well, he just got back 2 weeks ago and he found me again and wants to continue where we left off when he gets back in another month from selling the house (a process which he had to start over again from being sent away). What are your opinions?


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  • My opinion is, he did seek you out, so he probably did like you and could see a future with you. Then on the other hand, he never told you he was leaving or anything.. and if he'd been really interested he'd most likely would of at least said good by and not left you hanging. If you had dated a little longer and seen it seem more serious, then I would of definitely said no because he could of stayed in touch with you when he deployed, but since it was casual and short.. It wouldn't surprise me if he was trying to not get attached before he had to leave and figured if you were still single when he returned that he'd call you and try again.. Either way, be a little cautious at first just in case it's more of a fling he's looking for.


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  • No,you shouldn't start dating him again.

    He left you,without telling you why or where he'll be going. That isn't a good sign of "love".


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  • yes you should,

    if he didn't like you he wouldn't have been wanting to find you soooo give it another shot! but you never know it could be the best thing that's ever happened 2 you or it could be the worst! so take risks and live life 2 its fullest! GOOD LUCK!


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