Ex still loves me but he has a (very ugly!) girlfriend?

We are in our 30's. Together for 2 years, and they were a wonderful 2 years. We were both extremely happy but sadly wanted different things in life - I'm ambitious and he isn't. This came between us and he eventually left, saying he felt he couldn't give me what I want in life. He has never given any other reason for the separation, so I believe this to be the truth. Furthermore, he said he was very happy with me. A week after we split, I went to stay overnight with a (female) friend, and he wholeheartedly believed I had already met someone else, so picked up an incredibly ugly slapper (sorry) who he has been with ever since. She is older, has children, and is the complete opposite of me. I know she is a rebound thing and he has told me it won't work between them. However, he has been showing his friends her picture (you can imagine what they have to say about her!) and has a pic of the two of them on his Facebook.

Well, we separated a few months ago now, and as yet, still haven't managed to make a clean break. We are in regular contact, see each other usually once a week, and he is extremely affectionate and loving towards me. I have been very distant, and rarely instigate the contact - it is always he who contacts me. He tells me most days that he loves me, tells me he is always there for me, often reminisces about our time together, still displays my picture, played a very meaningful song to me etc etc. BUT, he is very forward, and would happily jump into bed with me at the drop of a hat. He tries very hard to get me into bed, but I won't go down that road. The thought actually repulses me as he is with the slapper. I am just mystified as to what he wants from me. Is it a guilt thing ? I have told him he never should feel guilty as he did the right thing and I am absolutely fine (I am doing better with the separation than he is). Does he simply want to sleep with me ? If so, he has tried for 2 or 3 months now without success, so surely he would have given up by now. Is he afraid that I will meet someone else ? Or does he want me back ? (if so, why doesn't he just ask me) Or even worse, does he want to have his cake and eat it ? I know he still loves me very much, that is unquestionable, but what is going on in his head ? I am going round in circles. I am getting on with my life, am very busy, and am taking very good care of myself - I have lost weight and got fitter, so and looking better than I have done in a long time. Could he possibly have realized what he is missing out on, and that the grass isn't greener on the other side ? I can't ask him outright, as I rarely get a straight answer. He seems to avoid the total truth, almost like he is putting on a big act to protect himself .


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  • Simply block off contacts from him.


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