She said she'd let me know but didn't?

I texted (that's how we communicate) a girl to hang out and she told me "she might be in (insert city) for (insert conflict here) that day but she'll let me know". That was two days before I wanted her to hang out. Those two days came and gone and the day of the activity passed and I heard nothing from her. It's been a week since then and there's been no peep.

Was she just telling me off? I'm not some random guy she met; I've known her for a few months (though I don't see her anymore).

If she forgot---well, she probably wasn't worth it then anyway.


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  • If she was really keen she'd make a time/date immediately. But she's not. She's just a typical girl who will "let you know", then never answer because she has no intention of seeing you.

    • Thanks. But why even mention it then? She already gave an excuse (her conflict) so why complicate things by adding "but....."?

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    • I hate that girls do this. I mean, she already gave her excuse....she should have just said that and ended it there, instead of needlessly adding that fluff.

    • Best answer thanks!

      Don't worry dude, we've all been there. Just remember, look to the actions and not the words.

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  • dude... seriously... HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GONNA POST THIS?

    She was trying to be nice in her rejection. It didn't work. It was a crappy way to do it. Oh well. Yes it freakin sucks, but you gotta move on.


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