How to talk to ex boyfriend who has just called me?

I accidentally dialed my ex's # on speed dial, and hung up immediately at 5 am. well he called me back, left voice mail asking if everything was OK, and that he had some papers of mine he wanted to send to me. He said he missed me and the animals and that he loved me. I want to call him back but need some guidelines. We broke up a month ago and really haven't talked since then.

Do I act happy and busy? Do I gt off the phone first? or what? thanks for any advice.


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  • Lol... First of all ... Come on now. Don't make out you accidentally called him on speed dial at 5am this morning.

    To be this concerned with how you hould act I guess that you want him back and miss him just as much as he misses you.

    So the only question is why did you break up and do you think you could give things another go.

    Just act yourself and let the conversation go in the direction that you wish. If it doesn't go how you like then make an excuse and hang up.


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  • Do you remember why the two of you broke up? If you two can forgive each other than go ahead and give him a call and see where things go.


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  • Hes just feeling lonely, when he comes to give you the pappers, let him explain to your hott ass why he didn't call you 1st as you are walkin out!

    but then again, if you both are still in love and you can get over the worth a shot. If you really are busy and happy, act it!


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