Will there ever be another chance?

OK, so I've known this guy for just over 4 years now... we've always had a friends with benefits kinda thing going on. We've both had feelings for each other but always when the time is wrong for the other. I seem to be the one with the feelings this time... I told him how I felt the other day... he brought up the past saying that he remembered when he had feelings for me but I 'wasn't keen'. he then went on to say that he's always had a thing for me and I'm always the only one he wants to go home with but that he doesn't think it will lead to something serious because that's just something he doesn't want with anyone or from life right now. Do you think there is a chance there at all, or not? any advice is welcome... thank you


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  • there's always room for second chances, that's how people learn from their mistakes...timing and place will be crucial the next time so don't miss that wave


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