Was hooking up with my ex a bad idea?

I've recently started hanging out with my ex again, who I dated for about 2 years. our relationship ended 9 months ago, and iv been in another relationship since then. well as soon as my most recent relationship ended, my ex from 9 months ago has started coming around A LOT.

we hangout pretty regularly and act just like we're friends. but 2 nights ago we hooked up randomly. now for the past couple days he's been calling me 'babe' and telling me he loves me and that he wishes we never broke up. I'm not trying to get back in a relationship with him, because obviously it didn't work out the first time. he keeps saying that he changed and ill see how different he is soon, but I REALLY don't want to get back with him. he seems to think that we are on track to rekindling our love or something. honestly, I only like him as a friend and I only hooked up with him because I wanted to get laid and I knew he could get the job done. as bad as that might sound... its true. so, what should I tell this guy without breaking his heart again?
Was hooking up with my ex a bad idea?
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