Taking back cheating ex. Girlfriend?

My girlfriend and I only dated for 6 months, but we hit it off right away. It was amazing how her and I just "clicked" everything was awesome. Then her ex came back into the scene. She used to do hard drugs, and I got her off of them, and she told me a few times she likes not being on them because she feels clean and actually having money for other things. Well, he was one of the main reasons she did them, he's a bad influence. She used to text me and say "I'm staying after class" but hang out with him. One night she came home with a hickey on her neck, she denied it was a hickey for a week or two, then she admitted it was. We broke up, she apologized and I was stupid and forgave her too easily. We got into a fight and we broke up, two days later she had sex with him (She stopped talking to him after the hickey incident but started again when we broke up) I still consider it cheating because we were planning on hooking back up. We're still talking and try to work stuff out, but she hasn't stopped talking to the Ex. She keeps saying "I'm in the process" and I say "It's not that hard to get someone out of your life" she is trying to change and apologizing and wanting to work stuff out, and not do anything sexual and move slow so we can fix stuff. But, I just don't know. He cheated on her, and she cheated back as revenge, but that doesn't mean it's right. From what I can tell, she is trying, but I don't think she is trying hard enough.

What should I do? I'm confused on the entire subject.

I love the girl to death, and we've been talking and fixing what was wrong in our relationship, but, I'm not sure what to do.
Taking back cheating ex. Girlfriend?
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