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Okay.. wow long time since I've been on here. Moving on...

My boyfriend well ex boyfriend now. Just broke up with me yesterday... Because well... To tell you the truth I don't know. Our friend Cody said that he was telling everyone that I just claimed he was my boyfriend and he played along with it when he asked me out.. So pretty much I just called him out for it.. I was like "WTF? What's going on" he said "idk you tell me" and I said "well I'm not the one with the issue here so just say what you want and ill go along with it" he responded with.. "I don't care anymore whatever I guess we break up" .. K what the hell is that?. We were doing fine until he found out his parents were divorcing.. Then he all the sudden stopped holding my hands stopped doing everything he did when we were happy.. I don't know what to do and I feel pathetic and crazy because I keep whining about it and I can't stop thinking about it when he can just walk past me and feel nothing.. At all.. I'm numb and he's just fine. I still really like him and I'm pretty sure he still likes me.. Just has a lot going on.. What should I do... Advice please...


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  • Thanks for your response to my answer.

    Now I understand why your upset, and by all means, you have the right to be. He pretty much played you, or played himself in away. You've mentioned the fact that you still have feelings for him, but it sounds like he's dealing with a lot of feeling himself. Going through a family divorce is something that doesn't help by any means. But there is the fact that he shouldn't have done that to you. It's very childish behavior, and it's the question of why are you putting yourself in the mix of emotions after what he did.

    I just think it's stupid of what he did, and I think it's stupid to think he's going to change anytime soon, and then having feelings for him after the fact. Move on to someone better, someone that actually treats you with respect. First off someone that tells you your stupid isn't someone that needs any feelings, or energy towards. I guess that's my view on the subject.

    • Thank you.. this really isn't easy at all...

    • Well thank you.... also for picking this one for the best answer. I know it's not easy, but doing the best things for yourself in life has it's hard times, but usually things will turn out best in the end. Just have faith that things will work out either path you take.

    • Well now.. He wants to talk to me.. and I want to talk to him but I run away every time I see him, it freaks me out.. Any advice on how to stop the nerves from controlling my every move?

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  • So let me get this straight... It all started from a lie practically. In which he was telling people you where going out with him, and that you were dating him, and he went along with it after he asked you out?

    • Well no. He asked me out. And apparently told me that I was stupid and said he was my boyfriend and he just played along with it

  • No, that drama has nothing to do with it.

    If it was good before, it's bad now because his parents are divorcing. It's a hard thing for any child to take. He's going to be emotionally withdrawn for a while. If you really like him you should try to get him to open up to you. It's not going to be all lovey-dovey like it was before, but with a little time you'll get there, I'm sure. My guess is that he's afraid to admit he needs someone right now because his paren't relationship just fell apart and he just feels like the idea of a relationship is stupid because they all end in hurt. So go with the flow and try to make yourself a part of his life if you feel like he's important to you. Just let him know you're there for him


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