Should I text my ex?

My ex and I dated for almost a year (half of it was long distance) then he broke up with me (kinda of a long story :( ) Anyway he said that he still wants to keep in contact with me but I've been missing him like crazy and I really want him back..but I don't want to seem like a lonely puppy following him and always contacting him. Your supposed to let him chase you..right?

Well..I don't know if I should text him saying 'hey! what's up?" or if I should let him text me..?

but what if he doesn't text me?

help! :(


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  • To comment back...

    Yeah, act on it and stop thinking about it...

    For instance at this moment, I'm trying to help someone deal with her struggle of not talking to her ex. It's been about 4 months (I think), and she hasn't heard anything from him, but she's still thinking of contacting him. In away I think where all adults. It's not about putting forth these childish games anymore. It's about growing up, and putting forth some communication.

    It's the same thing when you have problems with someone. You usually tell them, rather than thinking day, in and day out upon what to say. At that point it starts to eat at you. It's about questioning every little detail of what he may say, and what your response will be. I believe just saying something rather than thinking about it, is more real. At that point, it's who you are that's talking, it's coming from your heart. And I respect people that just go for it, rather than thinking of the factors. Isn't that what true love, a true person is? It's not about trying to find the best way to say something, but just saying what's on your mind, and what's in your heart, and at that point (life, god, higher-power) will give you what is being handed out. I kinda look at life as life's lessons. Some lessons may turn out bad, but in a sense. Those bad things always turn out for the best, because it's a leasson. Who says lessons have to be easy?

    But overall act, and see what comes next. Sometimes acting upon what you feel will give you your answer. But the only way you get those answers is if you ask the question, and the only way to ask is to... act...

    And to be honest, sometimes the answer we get isn't always great, sometimes we have to move on, because maybe that's not the best path for us... I hope, and pry for the best


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  • I believe chasing others shouldn't be the correct way of approaches. Just like you said "what if he doesn't text you". Well then you may have to text him. I think people need to do what they feel, and act, rather than thinking of who should ask who out, or "your suppose to let him chase you". It's the fact if you feel you need to contact him, then do it, because we all loose out in opportunity's when we don't act on them. So in my view... Stop thinking, and start doing. Text him if you feel it's right, rather than thinking about it. The reason I say that is because I think too much upon what actions I need to take. I just need to do what feels right, and that's what I feel you need to do, rather than thinking of what society tells us to do.

    • Yea I think that's what I need to do. act on it and stop thinking about it.

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  • oh hun, I say just move on. I did the whole long distance relationship too and once me and my ex broke up over it (and some other stuff) I wanted to be his friend. He wanted to be friends too and I was just flat up flirting with him hoping we'd go out again...but every time we got close to the subject, he would keep saying "lets be friends", "we've tried" that kinda stuff. I just kinda sat there and realized "what the hell am I doing?". there was a reason things didn't work right? anyways, once I accepted I was single, I met the most amazing guy (its like every other guy in the world realizes that you're single and the flirting comes non-stop =D). turns out my ex did want to get back with me (definitely didn't show that during my hcore flirting with him) so I thought, if you're not gonna step up and ask me and I've done everything I can to get you back, then that's why things aren't gonna work. I know this sounds very cliche but its the truth: things will get better! you'll find that other someone. it might feel devastating now but there's always the light at the other end. trust me! (hugs)


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