Why my ex tells me this while in a new relationship?

Me and my Ex broke up and she is in another relationship and been with this guy for about 3 or 4 weeks but she texts me one day while she has a new man..But she texts is truly sorry for any hurt she put me through and that she was just holding a grudge on me for all the times I would break up with her when she wanted me the most and that she was acting hard like she ain't care but that she do and she sorry..Why did she tell me this while in a new relationship I mean why tell me this what's the meaning of her telling me this?

Continuation from the bottom comment.. Yea she told me she wanted to be friends and I'm like why that would be weird. Do you think I have a chance with her again some how because I still love her and I wanna say I love instead of hey friend..


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  • well from a girls perspective, she's finally been able to move on. I've been through it. when me an my last ex broke up, I tried to blame him for everything because I was so hurt. then as I was in another relationship and was truly happy, I looked back with more maturity and realized that I was at fault here and there too. all I can say is, She still cares about you and perhaps you did make an impression on her when you both were together which is why she told you sorry for all those times she's acted unfair (perhaps hoping to be friends?). umm its kinda like putting some guilt she's been feeling to rest.

    or it could be she's still having some feelings about you even though she's with this new guy. the question is, has she sent more texts like this more recently?

    • Yea she was kinda un-fair didn't want me to be cool with my bestfriend who was girl because she said she had a dream that I left her for my Bestfriend and she was suffocating not that I minded it doe because I loved her..but yea she was doin a lot of texts like you can call me any time and stuff and she also was calling me but she wouldn't say nothing like she expect me to come up with the conversation or something I'm like we ain't together so what could I say the conversation would be weird

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