Hey all,so I'm thinking of getting a tattoo on the top of my arm; or either on my back. I just wanted your guys input, i.e. does having a tattoo turn most women off or the the tattoo I have chosen is good or bad?

The tattoo I have chosen is Valkyrie wings links below

Tattoo 1 - link


Tattoo 2 - link

Also I'm male


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  • I don't know where the other girl gets the idea that MOST girls hate tattoos. I find that more men hate tattoos on women, than women hate tattoos on men, especially judging by the answers on this particular site.

    In any case, the links you posted don't work. But I went to google and more or less found the ones you're considering. I like the IDEA, because my heritage is primarily Scandinavian and I appreciate the mythology. But I tend not to be a fan of wing tattoos, especially just for the sake of having wings, because as I'm sure you know, everyone and their brother has a set of wings these days, haha. Tattoo ideas seem to come in trends just like anything else, so if you like this and it means enough to you that you're willing to get a tat similar to what tons of other people right now have, I say go for it. Just put your own spin on it. Getting it done on your arm instead of your back is a good start.


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  • i'm a chick.

    most chicks (I guess) pretty much hate tattoos

    BUT they do consider bricks and all those stuff...

    but it's your choice. I mean it looks pretty cool...

    but if you ask me, wen ur old and wrinkled or watsoever- trust me you won't like it at all

    saw one... it's disgusting.

    but get a tattoo or not. ur choice.

  • I love tattoos on a guy:) The links didn't work on my computer though but I'm sure it's a really nice looking tattoo. I think you should definintly get it.

  • 2nd ones better and tattoos are sexy.


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  • If it has a meaning behind it. It shouldn't matter if it turns them off. Most girls i'm with find mine sexy. They just don't find me attractive solely because of the tattoo either. If you like it then get it just remember it will be their for ever.


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