He says we were just friends?

we were "talking" for 5 months. we recently ended things though. We were kind of off and on. Whenever I asked him what we were.. he said he couldn't answer that because he didn't want a relationship or he would say we were FWB but he liked me and he doesn't like being attached. when we ended things he said we been talking for 5 months so he was too emotionally attached. he now says he can't hang out with me because we just got out of a relationship and we were never just friends so he'd be too tempted to hook up with me. WHAT WERE WE?! he is so back and forth about it but I want him back... what can I do?


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  • its obvious that he likes you but he doesn't want to have you hurt again in case something goes wrong, and that is a true friend looking out for you. technically unless you beat the crap out of him he isn't going to come back to you relationship wise unless you get really really lucky because it seems he's made his mind up. sorry to tell you.

    • I want him back as a FWB.. I miss his sex. I told him and he said we can just be friends. I convinced him to take me to the movies for my bday.. is there anything I can do to get him back as that? does he not want to hook up again because he doesn't wanna get attached or because we simply didn't work out? he told me he couldn't talk to me face to face about anything because id gain feelings back and he's not ok with that (havent seen him in a month since we ended things), I said no I think ur the

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    • So he is blaming me on catching feelings when he's really the one scared of catching feelings? I want him back as a friends with benefits what can I do?

    • No he isn't blaming you, he is doing what he believes is best. yes he is scasred of catching feelings but he obviously believes that if things don't work out you will be hurt cause he doesn't want you to want him just for sex, at the end of the day if he's made up his mind the chances are he's not going to change it.

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