Really mad?

tell me if I am out of place here.

my boyfriend left me at home with his daughter not mine and went to eat with his friends. didn't ask us to go or anything when I called him to ask what time he back to the house he acted like I was crazy for being upset.

it would be different if for the last week I hadn't had her all day everyday by myself why he works on his little projects, I wake up and go to bed taking care of her. then he thinks its OK to go have fun and do what he wants but I am supposed to stop my life for his little girl.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Ok I'll guess it's his child from a previous relationship. He doesn't sound like a very good guy, and is leaving you with all the obligations to his daughter that he should have. You can make the decisions from here.


What Girls Said 1

  • you have a right to be upset. guys can be pretty dense sometimes. since you hadn't said anything all week, he probably thought you were fine with taking care of her. and then when you finally told him how you felt, it was over the phone, while he was with his buddies, and you were probably emotional. three communication killers when talking to a guy. if you want to resolve this with him, I would recommend writing down what's bothering you, that way you can read it and edit all the emotional crap out, and when you discuss it with him, you'll be calm and able to communicate the important information to him, and he'll be more receptive.


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