"I'm not that into it"

says my ex boyfriend, who came back, then stayed the night 3 different times cause he said he wanted it to work. is he lying to me or what. he still talks to me every day, but says were just friends. cause he's not that into it. but also said he wants it to work and we have to trust each other.


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  • gotcha. The reason I asked if you were hooking up was because sometimes guys give girls mixed feelings to get what they want sexually; isn't the case with your ex. Maybe he doesn't really know what he wants right now. I think he clearly does care about you, but he is just trying to decide whether or not you guys can function as a couple again. From what you said it seems like he is really wanting it to work, but he just wants to make sure you guys really do make some changes if it is going to work.

    • Ya idk, cause I feel like in the normal world, most ex's don't call you everyday to hang out, and worry that something is wrong, and reach for your hand when asking if your okay...unless they want to try it again, but also don't feel like they would say "i don't think I'm that into it" and then continue to want to touch you...maybe I'm wrong...lol

  • when he comes over do you guys hookup?

    • Um no, just hang out and talk or cuddle on the couch and watch a movie, or go out to a movie/dinner.

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