Will I get my ex back?

Me and my ex have broken up before, and he's cheated on me at the beginning of our relationship and so have I, when the guy kissed me I felt lost with who I am as a person, I never did anything more but I still betrayed my boyfriend. Now he broke up with me again two weeks ago and keeps unblocking and blocking me. Today I texted him and he replied with how I exposed my true colors. But I didn't. That person who betrayed him wasn't me. I don't know how to make him see that, those weren't my true colors.


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  • 37.media.tumblr.com/.../...5rWB2V1r7b6cio1_500.gif

    Seems like a toxic mess already and should be thrown away then recycled over. I think it's best to go your separate ways.

  • "That person who betrayed him wasn't me."

    This is a really rich excuse.

    • It's true though.

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    • Any advice for getting over a break up? Lol

    • Lose all contact and delete them off of every possible place.

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  • Probably not.
    And when has kissing become cheating?

    • Since it's an intimate act and intimate acts should stay within a relationship unless agreed upon otherwise. Would you like it if your boyfriend went around kissing girls since it's "not cheating?"

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    • @ThisDudeHere Still wouldn't give a fuck.

    • Well you be you then.

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