Should I Delete My EX on Social Media?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago. The first few days I ignored him & then I gave in and texted to get closure, but didn't. He basically told me how I'm a great girl but being friends is fine for him. He said that he was just doing what was best for him & that he just seen how much he was missing out on (going out bowling and to the movies with friends) which I think is BS. Because he usually goes out & has fun, I just feel like he wants to flirt around or he was scared of commitment. A week in a half before we broke up, we met up (we stay 2 hours from each other) and we went out & had a lot of fun. I thought everything was perfect and getting back to the good times we used to have. (Been together for 3 years, friends for 6 years) But apparently not. A few days after our visit, he asked his sister & mom about engagement (cause its something I was talking about b4) but it surprised me that he brought it up. I think that's apart of the reason why we broke up 2, because he realized we're 20 & about to make some adult moves. He told me he got mad cause his mom & sister were asking was he really ready & could he be a one woman man for life? I thought the same thing, at first I brought engagement up because I wasn't moving down there with him without some type of commitment that leads towards marriage. But after thinking about it, I was like screw it, the ring can wait cause I'm not materialistic, & I brought up getting an apartment together & moving there & seeing how things go. But he wasn't ready for that either! He thinks its all bad timing & said maybe we could try again in the future. He has a lot of growing to do and I do too. I just want to settle down with my best friend & someone I love. I'm not the type to date around, I don't get anything out of that. I've been stalking him on Facebook sadly & Snapchat, & I know that its gone continue to hurt me. His birthday is next month so I know I'm gone be stalking. So should I just delete him from both sites?


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  • Yes, delete him. I know making a break from such a long term relationship and a friend can be hard, and it also sounds like he lets his mother and sister influence him too much. But they are right about you guys being too young. You should go out and have your fun, you're only gonna be 20 for a decade, I know that sounds like a long time, but it goes by fast, next thing you know, you'll be having your dirty thirty, and you'll remember this post. Good luck, and again yes, you should delete him from social media, it's not hurting him, it's only hurting you.


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