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My ex dumped me a month ago. He hasn't told his 8 yr old son why im not around anymore. He basically tells him im working a lot due to the holidays. A mutual friend has told me this.
Also, before we split his son and i would play a little game on an app. He still plays it with me and has recently figured out there's a messaging thing on it. I just play the game with him and dont feel its my place to say anything... because i still think my ex, and i will reconcile after time apart. so last week his son messages me that he misses me so much. it broke my heart. i love that kid like my own. i wrote back saying I missed him too. and now the message part waa closed. i feel stupid i answered him, but i feel bad. its not like i said anything about his dad's and my relationship, just reiterating his statement to me.
Why hasn't he told his son? what does that mean for our relationship?


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  • Either he's too afraid to tell him because he knows how much he loves you or he thinks there's a chance that you two will get back together so he doesn't want to put the kid through psychological damage. Don't do anything different and stay no contact. If it's the later possibility your ex will probably contact you after the holidays because his son will start asking about you and he no longer has excuses. So just keep your distance for now and focus on improving and taking care of yourself. I'm very sorry about the breakup, my ex dumped me last month as well.

    • Im so sorry for your break up as well.
      Its so tough... that same friend told me yesterday that his son was crying about me not being around and that stung, how can a parent just let their kid hurt like that? Kids are resilient tell them the truth... itll be easier.
      Keeping my distance, he plays the game with me sometimes still we just chat.

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