Why is she sitting on the papers?

My wife told me she wanted a divorce since the second month of marriage. I had to go on a business trip roughly 8 months after getting married and she lost it and tried to choke me out right before I left. After the police report was filled out, she swore she wanted a divorce, I moved to a different location away from her, and she even went as far as to say "I can't wait any longer for this divorce". I'm not paying her any money, I'm not really taking care of anything she needs, because she has family to help her out and I'm doing what I need to take care of my end of things, but now, after I sent her the paperwork she needs to sign so I can file for the divorce, she is refusing to sign? Why would she be doing this? She has blocked all contact with me, so I can't just ask her...
Why is she sitting on the papers?
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