Long distance relationship and we just break up. What should I do?

We had a long distance relationship and only use texting when he's free. He never make a call and he said it's enough for us use text. I miss him so much I wish can hear his voice. But he never show me. I get bored day by day and I start to know new guy. From that I feel he can help me out from my silence world. coz I have less friend. So everyday I'm alone. my ex boyfriend still contact me only use text as usual. Which only talk about the same thing. im just ok with that CoZ I know deep inside my heart he's my everything. and the new guy I told him that I have a boyfriend which we had a long distance relationship. until one day I don't know maybe I started like the new guy and so him too. we are in secret relationship until the day my exbf know about everything and he saw the photo of us (Me with the new guy) he directly ask for break up, and he delete our photo in FB. I feel regret and I'm still want him in my life. But I know him already hurt so much. coz I can feel that he 100% put his trust on me. What should I do? Does he hate me? Can we together again? He start ignore me but he didn't delete me from his Fb or wechat.


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