Girls, Is there any chance for me 36M and my ex 24F?

We work for the same company so sometimes I see her at work. We were together for 3 months and It all came too fast and she first started to say big words like she is in love and she is afraid she will lose me etc.
Then she started say that she doesn't feel the same way and that she is suffocating on the idea to be in a relationship. That happened about 50 days ago.
I acted needy and begged her to meet me. She refused, we fought I said bad things and she blocked me from every social.
I attempted to talk her at work several times bus she insisted no. After 15 days we had a small talk but I put pressure on her to meet me out of work and she told me that she does not want any contact.
2 hours later she text me "I don't know if i should text this or not.. Nevertheless I wanted to text this because you made me feel bad because i don't want to talk to you. What really happens is that when i can't handle a situation then I leave it. I can not continue to think about it and discuss it. Although I don;t want to talk to you anymore, I want you to be well. I had been in pressure, I was **** off form time to time, but whatever happened, happened, there are no bad feelings left. i just don't want to talk to you because there is no point in this. Sorry for being paranoid.. "
I replied to her that she is right and i am the one to blame cause i couldn't handle the situation and i am really sorry. i apologised.
After 5 days of no contact we met at work for a couple minutes. I was tallking to another female colleague outside the entrance and she came eralier for work so she came to us smiling. We just looked to each other eyes and said nothing. I continue talking with the other girl for a couple minutes and left.
What should I do? Is ther any chance? I will not contact her and "accidentally" bumped on her at work as i used to for at least a month. Is there any chance?

Girls, Is there any chance for me 36M and my ex 24F?
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