I don't understand what he mean till today What is he thinking?

He sent me a long text message telling that both of us can't work out any more because he can't feel more. I understand that part BUT he says that he likes me but not the way i like him. And he only likes the idea of me and how nice i am. SO what does he mean? I'm like confused about him. I know myself that i still like him but i just don't know if should i go for him again. He did treat me badly before but i really like him and not the idea of having him around. :( Please help me PLS!

P. S. This happened a month ago tho.


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  • He's trying to be polite. He doesn't like you enough to maintain any romantic involvement. Most people would just say, 'Lets's be friends', but he doesn't want to be so direct

    • He did say it in the end that he just wanna be friends 😖😢

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    • Hmm maybe. But what does it mean if a guys says that he's comfortable being with you?

    • He likes you, but for now, only open to a friendship... I think he's also saying to you, 'have patience!'

  • You are young find someone else


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  • He's basically saying "I like you as a person but not as much romantically as you do" or "I'm just not that into you, as you are into me". He's not ready for a relationship and he likely just doesn't feel that chemistry. Don't contact him again. It seems pretty clear that he doesn't want to pursue anything. I promise you can find a guy who actually is 100% into you and wants you.

    • Sighs. Damn this sucks. He did say that he just wanna be friends. But why does he gave me mixed signals starting when we started knowing each other? He did ask me to be his girlfriend once and it didn't last long as we fought because of a guy from of mine visited my place previously before we were officially together.

    • I think a lot of people start out with good intentions and then it just sort of fizzles out. It's not something you did wrong. The connection is just sometimes mismatched and that is how you know someone wasn't mean to be. I know it sucks :( And I've been through it a few times too now but you need to remember what you deserve which is someone great who will love you <3

    • Thanks girl! I hope that you will meet someone who loves you too. 💗 It's so hard for me to move on. We both said that we just maintain as friends and we are still friends in all social medias. LOL But it's so hard as I still look on what's he's up to if he post.

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