My ex follows me everywhere, and when I added him on snapchat he blocked me! Why?

I have an ex I know we still have feelings for each other, because everywhere I go he follows me around, he will look at me and look away, talk really loud for attention, so I figured I add him on snapchat to try and make mends. When I added him, he added me back and then blocked me a few hours later. Wtf. And of course when I saw him, he started to walk right next to me, talking really loud for attention. What is his problem? Am I suppose to chase him?


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  • The kid is lost, but he obviously still likes you. I'd leave him alone, bc I'm sure you're not the only thing on his mind that he can't decide on, like life goals.

    • That is true, I know he is trying to get his life together. Maybe I just came around at the wrong time for him. He has told me before he's trying to reestablish himself

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  • Lol I blocked mine on snapchat too.
    Just let it go. He's your ex for a reason.

  • i think he wants your attention but he is conflicted because he is also kinda angry

    • I think he's angry too, thats how he comes off to me. But if you wanna talk to me just talk to me. Like the other day I was at the mall, and he saw me going in footlocker and he follows me inside just stand there with his friend, like you weren't going to come in here until you saw me.

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