What does he means?

What does it mean when your ex texts you and say thanks for everything and " it's a little bit hard to stay that quiet to someone who were that close". What does he mean? He contacted me 2months after the breakup


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  • He's a complicated guy for sure. If he can stay 2 months away from you before he misses you, its not very good news. However, you know best. If you think he really appreciated you more in your absence and thus came back to you, then you can go ahead and give him another chance. But what if this happens again? Please be very careful.

  • that he was greatful to have you as his gurl and it hurts for him to break up 💔

    • Do we have a chance to get back together?

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    • yea pretty much

    • It's your choice if u want to get together again u should act differently so he can feel comfortable

  • That he still cares


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