Will he ever want me back?

I've dated a guy off and on for a year. About 3 months ago we agreed to make it a commitment. This last time we got back together things went well for 3 days. On the fourth day, there was a vampire movie on TV and I didn't have my glasses on so I couldn't be sure so I asked "is this a vampire move"? He changed the channel and said "Happy Now?" Later when he told me I was in charge and I said I was hurt by it he said "Oh My God" and shut the door and walked away. Later when I told him he didn't seem happy and didn't act like he loved me he blew up and left. So I packed and left to (what else was I supposed to do?) Since then he has said, ""he couldn't do it (the relationship) anymore“”. He blames me for all the fighting and everything that went wrong. I have been painted to be the one who made him not want to be with me anymore. That he quit loving me because of my actions. He got so angry when I told him he didn't act like he loved me. When I kissed him on the head after I got out of the shower he got mad at me for dripping water on his check for a bill. Does he love me? Will he ever want me back? It hurts so badly because I believed him when he told me he loved me only to believe now that he never did. There is no greater pain that I've ever experienced. Please tell me what you think. Thanks so much. BTW, he asked me to marry him last month.

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I told him he was the meanest person I knew. He said "'That's why I can't do this anymore" and""don't take this the wrong way.. you're a good person". We just broke up 1 week ago. I believe he has already slept with someone else. what do you think?
Will he ever want me back?
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