How do I get my ex back?

my ex and I broke up about a year ago, since then we have been up and down with how we feel about each other. like at the start we didn't talk much, and then we have been building up our friendship once again.

i can't believe I still have a thing for him even though we didn't go our for more than3 months but we were good friends from school. (year 11)

in the last 3 months I think he has shown a real interest in me like hugging me EVERY time he sees me, leaving his hand on my waist after he does, insisting we go for coffee, and a lot of other things.

for some reason, I can't forget about him! like I love being single but I want him so badly! and its driving me nuts, he has a girlfriend now so he feels so out of bounds and off limits and I've been dreaming about it and everything !

how can I tell if he likes me? and how do I show him I really like him without sounding desperate? HELP!



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  • Date another guy. Seriously. It will make him come after you. People want what they can't have and when they feel threatened by the fact they can't have you it will make their behaviour change. You don't have to date serious just look as though your getting close to someone, start to be seen as "seeing someone" you will notice a change in behaviour.

    Another thing - tell him you agree with the break up and it was the right thing at the time and thank him for doing it.

    See what that does ;-)

    Psychological triggers . . . . .


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  • why would you want your ex back they are you ex for a reason the person may change a bit but the problems would stil be there its as simple as that don't let yourself be blinded by your feelings your have to sit down and think logically about this about all the problems you two had and the very real possibility of them being there now

  • promise him a good time.


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