Need advice on break/breakup?

I have been with my boyfriend for over two years and we have broken twice and got back together. Last week he said he wanted to have a mature stress free conversation with me when I asked him what it was in person he said he really loves me but part of him wants to go on a break as he feels he hasn't grown as a person and he feels he can only do that if he is single. So long story short we were on a break when later on in that night I saw him at a nightclub and said we were broken up , I was distraught. The very next day he sent me a text saying when you asked to confirm if it was break or break up he said he meant to say break. Then a couple days later I messaged him being like what does a break mean when he told me it means we are broken up but not excluding the fact we might get back togther. It seems like he is really confused and it's really hard for me because if I didn't ask him to tell me what a break was I would still think oh we are togther just giving each other space. I feel he's left me waiting for him to get back to me.

i know he loves me and the break is good for me to as I feel it will rejuvenate the relationship but at the same time I feel so hurt by how he has handled it and don't understand why he would do this to someone he says he loves. The most important person in his life and the person he cares about the most etc.

i know he misses me and this finding it hard but he's going out s lot and says girls are the last thing on his mind so I don't need to be concerned about that. I know he misses me and I think he will come back in a few weeks begging for me back as he is very aware and said to me he knows he's making a mistake.

I know now that I need to focus and work on myself and try heal from the break up, I'm planning not to contact him at all and give him space.
so if anyone has been through something similar. Advice would be appreciated
Need advice on break/breakup?
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