What is going on with him?

Short story: I've been having a on of thing with a guy.

He told me he met someone and I'm not for him and and and. A month later he came back saying sorry and he was wrong. He denied that he was seeing the girl - and I know he is lying due to her posting pictures of them together. I would of compromised he told me the truth. But he just curved it the whole time.

Anyway we spoke normal one day about series and he just said to well I must go a ask the girl about the series because she also likes it. And I just ignored him because we were fighting for 3 weeks about the two of them. Obviously I would get pissed off.

Soo then i told him that I can't do this anymore - I can't keep being patient with him treating me like a piece of crap and I only want the best for him and care. Because when one cares , you get upset.

Today , 2 weeks later I just asked him how he is still doing. And he was a total jerk towards me. Saying I should talk to him again and I must delete his number?

I won't case after him , because he is insensitive towards my emotions and feelings and I know I'm not wrong and apologized for my mistakes. Obviously because I'm human.

But why is he like this? Why does he let me in, push me away, makes me feel like everything is my fault , apologize later for his behavior and then just breaks me again. And I've been faithful throughout everything. I only want wats best for him but he just keeps on fucking me over.


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What Guys Said 1

  • The better question is why are you allowing it? He obviously doesn't want you as a girlfriend if he did you'd be permanent

    • Because we were heading into a relationship and he got cold feet because of his previous relationships. I stick /sticked around because I see the potential. He came back a few times before - always knocking me off and this time I basically left. But I still love him.

    • He didn't get cold feet because of passed relationships. He lied to you. The truth is you're just not for him but he's too much of a weak pussy to just say so. There is no potential stop wasting your time

What Girls Said 1

  • Yikes! Sounds familiar... Ok. He's Prob doing what he's doing because you allow it. Block all contact w him. It only sets you back in your healing process. Don't be a doormat for this jerk!
    A. You're not in a relationship yet he's already lying to you
    B. You fought for weeks over this girl and it sounds like the trust is gone. You'll likely never be able to let it go.
    C. You said it yourself. He treats you like crap!

    I've been there too many times w men like this. Stop wasting your time. Run and don't look back...


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