Are these signs that he is letting himself go?

I recently ran into my ex. It's been almost a year since I've seen him. He has gain a lot of weight, grown out his beard longer than usual, grew his hair out, and just doesn't look healthy. He has always been the opposite.

I know guys don't like to talk about any type of feelings. But are these signs that he's depressed or just not giving a f*** lol


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  • Possibly. Also reminds me of the study that concluded that marriage causes male pattern baldness because there was a correlation between married men and baldness. What else was highly correlated with baldness? Age!

    Age meant a higher likelihood of taking on additional work and life responsibilities, reducing disposable time and contributing to more stress, causing the reduction of testosterone into DHT. This also meant that older men were more likely to be financially more secure in their income and assets, and therefore, more preferred by females and likely to be pressured into getting married.

    Like you said, some time has gone by. You don't know where work and life have taken him. Clearly, however, these are indications of lower testosterone and energy levels. The cause of that could be depression. It could also be lack of sleep, or stress, or generalized anxiety, etc.


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  • Bit of both probably


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