Is my younger sister jealous of me?

She acts like everyting is a competition, she gangs up on me wit our brother and she seems to believe every bad word he says about me, im Always the one caling and now sh blocked me on whatsapp, i told her i have a new house and se saidto our mom i dont have time for her im busy wih school, she is never there for me and undermines whenever she can. im 24 she is 21 but i feel like when im wit her i dont have any confidence at all, will she regret treating me like this? they act closed off and when i tried to alk they shut me out... i feel very betrayed and hurt, and i lost all m confidence


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  • you choose your friends and partners. you DONT choose your relatives. she sound like a hater for life. if needed remove her from your life.


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  • maybe she is jealous of you or she thinks She is better than you


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