Ex texted "get out of my life. I love her not you. im blocking you" unblocked me 3 months later, this was 6 months ago but hasn't texted me?

so why did he unblock me?


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  • He may have unblocked you out of curiosity, just to see how you were doing. It may not have been from a caring point of view as much as a narcissistic point of view. When you break up with someone you declare that you don't want to be with them anymore, but it doesn't mean that part of you doesn't hope that they will miss you even if you would never go back to them. We all like to think that we made some kind of impact.

  • I don't think that anyone wants to have to block someone so he unblocked you hoping that you could stay unblocked without him having to do it again. I hope you're not taking this as an invitation to contact him, because you should respect what he said and stay out of his life. Six months is a long time -- you should have moved on by now.

    • should i block him?

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    • any chance we will get back together?

    • Yes, if you let yourself get used by him again, he'll probably eventually take you up on it.

  • Perhaps he did it as a symbolic gesture to himself that he needed to divest himself of the anger that he had towards you.

    He dumped you, right? Why are you thinking about him 9 months after the breakup?


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