Should I speak my heart out?

Well my ex talked to me for the second time after the breakup we had a cook convo we laughed and made jokes, i think he wants me back and I want him back toi but he is hesitating to share his feelings ( he dumped me 3 months ago over a text because he was fed up with everything) but what should I do?
  • Speak your heart
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  • Ask him if you can meet him
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  • Tell him I miss you and see how it goes
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  • Wait for him to make the move he is confused
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  • Let him come to you. If he dumped you, it's on him to win you back, not the other way around. Be friendly and hang out if he wants but don't go and reveal your heart to a guy who dumped you first.

    • Actually he is making the move of talking to me, posting sad stuff on his profile etc... but I don't think it's enough.

    • It certainly is not enough. It's logical and rational to realize that the only way he can get you back is by asking you or admitting to this with you but he doesn't so don't take him seriously till he does.

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