FIGHTING over a guy?

So this guy is trying to get me to fight over him with his new girlfriend its so scary because she keeps throwing indirects at me. I'm scared because he talks to me and says i'm his wife but has this girl going crazy there like... its like he wants to hurt me... what should I do... help?


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  • He's probably getting off on the attention. Any guy who is doing this kind of thing is a dick, pure and simple. What you should do is to make it clear that you are not interested in him or in their bullshit. Leave them to it.

  • Remove yourself from this position if you know what's good for ya, even if you like him

  • What do girls like ass holes is the question you should be asking right now

    • Why*

    • You don't know they are assholes until later on..

    • Hum no. For example, the situation you are in is a indicator of a asshole

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