Why is my ex "keeping me around"?

Long story short we were in a LDR and 2 different places in our lives (I'm finishing up school but super busy, her in a career ready to get things moving in a family direction). Anyway she broke up with me due to those circumstances, basically she felt side lined. Typically in a break up she erases her ex's from her existence and blocks them. Me on the other hand says she still wants to be friends and would be open to things in the future once I'm out of college but not to hold my breath. Anyway we haven't really talked since the break up (3 1/2 weeks ago) only here and there (I've started the no contact rule). I think there might be a guy but she's keeping it on the real down low when she is usually someone who is really intense and posts a bunch of stuff about her "love". 1. I guess I'm wondering why would she keep me around if her usual plan of action is to remove any sign of an ex? 2. If she has moved on and with another guy why wouldn't she be doing her usual plaster things all over? 3. Again if she has a new guy why wouldn't she just get rid of me then since she already has someone?
Why is my ex "keeping me around"?
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