My ex keeps contacting me, but he has a girlfriend now?

LONG story short...i broke up with my ex boyfriend almost 2 years ago I broke his heart and in a month found another girlfriend and he's been with her ever since..a couple of months after we broke up I realized I still have feelings for him..and he didn't want nothing to do with he's the one trying to contact me all the time..and I keep brushing him off..but I still love him..what do you suggest?

P.S. I did not cheat..i just didn't want


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  • First ask yourself do you love him or the thought of him (the relationship you had) and second ask yourself if you can really have it back would you actually go for it? I agree that you only have a short opportunity to talk and not brush him off, but be very open about what to expect from the conversation and trust your instincts about what it is you really want. Do you want him or are you lonely and want to be in a relationship? Don't settle for second best...and keep your guard because there is a reason you dumped him in the first place.

    • Thank you!! it helped alot

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  • if you still love him stop brushing him off..cause he's only gonna put up with it for a little longer till he's FULLY&COMPLETLY over you! and will never contact you again.

    so call him or something and make a date so you guys can talk and stuff.

    goodluck hun:)


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