Ex Girlfriend sends mixed signals. What should I do?

I dated a girl for 5 months, it seemed to be going great. She introduced me to her mom a few weeks before she dumped me and invited me to Thanksgiving, and said she wanted to move in together this spring when her lease ends. About a month ago, she asked me to stay at her place 3 nights. On the 3rd night we went on a double date with her friends, and on our way home, she tells me that she isn't sure how she feels about me and is worried that her feelings should be stronger for me. After telling me this, she asks me if I want to stay the night. She called me the next day to ask if I was avoiding her (I was respecting her need for space). She then called a few more times during the week. The next weekend she stops by my house to bring my stuff. She then straddles and kissed me. Then asks me out to dinner, where she kissed multiple times. The next morning she calls me to tell me she is still unsure how she feels about me.

A week later she calls me because she was she was nervous about her new job and wanted me to comfort her.

She talked to me all week, then on Thanksgiving she was telling her sisters how she talked to me, they both told her that she shouldn't have let me go. She called me that night to talk. The next night she invites me out with her, a friend and the friend'a boyfriend. After that she and I went to dinner and she asked me to stay the night at her place. The next morning she asked me to hangout again that night. She called me twice during the day, and then about an hour before we were to hangout, she calls me and casually says that she doesn't want to hangout and that we shouldn't talk anymore. She said I "check all of the boxes" she wants in a man, but doesn't feel right. She later texts me and said she would still decorate my new home if I wanted.

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While broken up, I rejoined the online dating site that we met on. She Said she noticed me being on there every night. She hasn't rejoined the site but looked up my username. Why would she be checking my profile. Why would she tell me, and why does she care what I do if she dumped me?

Why would she say she doesn't want to talk, only to text me later to say she would decorate my new house?

What should I do about these mixed signals? Does she not like me? Or is she scared of commitment?
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Today I ran into my ex girlfriend's twin sister. We had a nice chat, nothing about my ex. The sister told my she ran into me, and that she really likes me and thinks I am sweet. My ex calls me tonight to ask what me and her sister talked about. I didn't elaborate. She then tried to ask me for work advice, I was nice but didn't give her advice. I asked her about some of her previous comments and she said she wanted to be friends. I don't. Why call, why say she wants to be friends?
Ex Girlfriend sends mixed signals. What should I do?
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