Ex girlfriend is trying to fuck up my life?

I'm from a south American country, where values or rules tend to be a bit stronger when it comes to relationships, it's not as liberal. I dated a girl for a year from a region of the country that is probably the most masculist of all. Always saw she was self centered, insecure and materialistic but also a kind, sweet person, and went on a mission to change her. Which had little to no effect. She broke up with me because "I didn't spend enough time with her" but she never truly felt comfortable with the relationship and had tried to break up numerous times (90% when drunk) despite also telling me she had never loved someone as much as me (and had the best sex ever). I go NC, wanting to move on. She called me, angry and spiteful at first, about three months ago (her parents were divorcing which was news, but in the end what she really wanted was to talk about us), saying she was feeling depressed at times, but knew we had broken up. I said I would support her if she needed anything but that also knew the relationship was over. The talk ends on great terms. Two months after I see her sister at her boyfriend's birthday (who is a good college friend of mine) where she tells me she had been quite heartbroken. I see her that day too very briefly, but notice she is still hurting. I write to her a couple weeks after, asking about her parents and also telling her a bit about my own family shit, out of nowhere she starts behaving like a complete bitch. She had been rude before, but never quite like this. Then this wknd, I find out she's going out with the only dude in the fckng world I have a beef with (used to be a really good friend of mine). Thing is, this guy is also friends with some of my closest friends, who are a bit shocked. I get why she would be with the guy (he's a good game, I admit), but somehow it also feels like a vengeful quest of hers, as she always knew about my problems with the guy. This shit is consuming my life. Any insights as to why she would do this?
Ex girlfriend is trying to fuck up my life?
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