Do you ever forget your first love?

Just curious. Also, define what you consider your first love? Is it the first person you date or the first person you had crush on.
For me, it is the first person I dated. Crushes, don't mean anything to me. I forgot them long time ago.
I'm just curious because the first person I was in relationship, I consider him my first love. But now, I need to forget him. So I was wondering how many of you experienced people forgot your first?


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  • My first love wasn't my first crush or the first girl I dated or even the first girl I called my girlfriend, my first love was the girl I spent the most time with, both on the phone and in the bed, we also spent time doing things other than the first two, but I forgot a lot of all that. But to answer your question, no I haven't forgotten her, she's a friend on FB. It took me along time to get over her, like 3 years, until I met another that I really liked, and then I met my ex wife. I guess you never really forget them, bc they were the ones to make you feel special, and also the first one to make you feel loved. They will always be there in your heart, but you can still have a healthy relationship even if you still think about them once a while.

    • well, it's good to know that I'm not the only one who is taking so long to forget. People seem to take it so casually... break ups and being able to move on. I don't really understand who that first girl who is that you're talking about since you didn't give her a title but i can understand.

    • That first girl that I really liked was a girlfriend, but she was like the third girl or something like that when I started dating (if you can call it that). She was special to me, bc we had a lot of sex (I was a teenager then, it was really important to me), but that wasn't what made her special, it was just her personality and the way she treated other people, and she wasn't a stuck-up B, even tho she was super hot. She was the whole package to me.

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  • Yes, after 20 years it's done and over with i moved on, too many memories
    and hurt in such a small period of time.

  • No I don't but it ends with "I was attracted to her?" My taste has changed

    • wow, that's harsh. I guess, as you chagne your taste changes as well. Good you moved on.

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    • XD she sure's changed

    • Not disgusted, but I'm not attracted to her anymore

  • No I don't, I don't even forget women that give me sexy looks in the streets


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