Did I do the right thing?

So here's my story: my ex and I decided to end things off a month ago because we were both unhappy with the long distance relationship ( not really long distance, we just lived in different citys and go to different universities so it was hard to make plans with eachother, we would see each other at least once a month). He initiated it but at first I wasn't okay with it but I really think ought about it after and agreed that it's the right thing to do. we talked about still being friends and being there for each over for example if we're having trouble with something or whatever. But I told him that he should give me space and that we should take a break from talking. So few weeks later I was doing so well, I wasn't really sad anymore but one night I got a drunk call from him ( the situation was that I was suppose to go to this place but I didn't end up going, I found out he went and he thought I was there) him getting all excited because he thought I was there. I missed his call so i texted him to see if everything's okay so he explained why he called. Anyyywayssss I've been trying the no contact rule, a month later since our break up he calls me again on a Monday, just wanting to catch up and see how I'm doing. It was still to early for me to talk to him but I did it still, he's doing okay he said. I ended the call after talking for 20 min. At the end of that week he called and texted me again, asking if he could call because he's feeling down, I called him tried to cheer him up, told him nicely that he should stop calling because it's really hard for me to let go and get over it if he's still contacting me. Did I do the right thing by telling him that? If he's fine with calling me does that mean he's over it? Or the opposite?
Did I do the right thing?
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