Breaking up is so difficult!! How do I do it?

We're in the same college, same class. I see him everyday. He contacts me and keeps bugging me that he would change. He is abusive and every time he says he has changed but he is the same. He gets angry at me for trivial reasons, he is insensitive and cold. He is so cold, its scary. He can laugh at me while I cry.

I patched up with him 2 weeks back because I thought he had changed. But he hasn't! Everyone in college knew we had broken up, then they came to know we have patched up. How can I break up again? I'll be the joke of the town.

And what he comes back again? Saying he has changed? I am so lonely here, away from friends and family, I always fall for him.

How can I successfully break up with him? And what I can I do about people laughing at me?


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  • First of all, don't ever listen to someone who "says" they have changed.

    Tell him to get lost. You're going to be around him, so keep the peace.

    Chances are this guy is just going to keep trying to suck you back in. So, avoid any opportunities for him to approach, discuss, etc.

    How big is your college? Everyone Knew? Same class? Only one class at this little college?


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