Does my ex like me or is just she just playing games?

We went out last year but I didn't want a relationship at the moment and it really hurt her I guess, she didn't show it and seemed fine so I couldn't tell. We started talking again after and injury of mine. We would text almost everyday and call and FaceTime but now she doesn't get as much. When I came back to school she was excited to see me and wanted me to see her at every class on Monday and yesterday. Monday we were hanging out in here class and we were joking and teasing and being all touchy feely and she wanted me to come over. We both took a nap on her bad right next to each other and stuff like that. Yesterday I asked if this would go anywhere more than friends and she said she still doesn't trust me. So we talked about why exactly we broke up and she complied and said I'm trying to trust you. I've should've mentioned that she would sometimes take forever to text and sometimes would answer and not text back, and today she is doing that again! And I know she has a bunch of people she's been texting so she's been texting them back but barely me! I don't get it I need help


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