Boyfriend Acting Like a Jerk After We Got Back Together?

So I broke up with my boyfriend on Thanksgiving because I thought he wasn't paying enough attention to me, doing enough for me, etc. We've had conversations about this before which always led me to want to break up with him, leaving him upset and confused. He says that I want and expect too much from him. So after the break up I looked within myself and saw that I actually was asking for WAY too much. He already did everything a good boyfriend does, I just wanted his constant attention to fill a void in myself. So I apologized to him and asked for him back and he said he wanted to be together.. he's just afraid I'll do the same thing to him again and he doesn't want to get hurt. Even though he says he wants to be together, he picks fights with me and always seems on the defense now. It's like he hates every quirk about me that he once loved. He's just so easily annoyed with everything I say and do after getting back together. I asked him if he was sure we were still dating and he says yes and that he's not upset at me, but I feel bad that he's acting this way. I want to be patient, but it hurts me. I understand that I did break up with him first, and then he kinda went "fine you want to break up, me too" so I guess I just should leave him alone.. give him space.
Boyfriend Acting Like a Jerk After We Got Back Together?
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