What is my ex trying to accomplish here?

I will try to be as short as I can.

My ex broke up with me recently because "you don't tell me about your hobbies. We never talk. We have nothing in common." (But I do he was just too high to remember.)

The next day he begs for me to take him back and tells everybody that he thinks I was "the one" and cries to all our friends (literally) even his mom sent me a message on Facebook.

I end up having to tell him that I can't take him back. Even though it broke my heart to do it I know he's no good for me. He says he wants to be friends and I say "I want to be friends but for now let's not communicate until we've healed."

Now he's parading around about how happy he is and messaging me on Facebook (after I asked him not to) saying "I'm ready to be friends. You're right we were no good for each other. Cute picture."

Is he for real or what? I just don't see the point of all this. Does anyone have any insight as to what this is about? Is he just trying to rub it in my face how much better off he is without me after he broke up with me?

Thank you for all the help. I have decided to keep my distance as best I can. Maybe someday I can be his friend but right now it's not in my best interest. I think he's a sociopath, haha.


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  • Well I tried to do this, and it didn't really work for me, basically he tries to pretend like he's perfectly fine without you, like everything is peachy keen, so you'll be like oooh he doesn't need me now we can be friends, but in truth he still really likes you, and if you were to fall for that it would allow him a chance to warm up to you again, I could be wrong, but who really knows..


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What Guys Said 3

  • First of all, your fault for dating a pot head.

    But IMO, I think he still likes you... like a lot. When guys act like that, it means he still has some type of attachment to you.

    My Advice, sit down and talk about your feelings to him, and tell him to back off a bit.

  • First off, There is nothing wrong with smoking weed. There is a problem though if he puts weed before you. And secondly, I agree with ITL STL. I tried the same thing. Don't let him suck you in!

  • He was too high to remember? Try to date people in the non-loser category. You'll have better success.


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  • If you say he was too high to remember the things you told him,

    he seems to have serious probs with his life.

    Another evidence are his crying and then happy phases.

    I think it's good you left him cos he seems to be not ok.

    Anything is wrong with him, and I fear concerning his mental health!

    Stay away from him and try to ignore the things he does.

    It can't be good for you. And if others try to convince you tell them

    it's not their business!

  • He wants you to feel sorry for him. But you gotta show him your stronger than before. And keep building up your wall, and not let him brake it down.


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