Tried to be romantic and it blew up in my face?

I recently had my girlfriend of close to 7 months break up with me.

Here's the whole story, I wrote my vows to her and the first one was a story about me talking about something personal between us, but I didn't and she became pretty angry and hurt by it. She never let me finish saying what I was saying, plus I ran the second vow into the first one. I panicked and brought her a dozen roses and a nice bracelet to say I was sorry, huge mistake, even though she said it would help. I stayed away from her personally, but went to her ex husband to meet him for information on what to do. he gave it to me and I thanked him and asked that he not tell her I was there, he did. I also went to her parents house to bring them something for them. long story short I intended to go to both places as I wanted to have her ex husband as on of the ushers and my ex girlfriend was looking forward to being a bridesmaid, because that what we both wanted as a you both had us and lost us thing. I was told she never wants to see me again and I hope I get a second chance, but I don't know what to do. I even tried getting her back by being a little aggressive at getting her back. should I give her a lot of space?
Tried to be romantic and it blew up in my face?
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