Brakeup & divorce?

when i fell in love with a guy i was the happiest person alive i loved him with my whole heart he was my everything my first love. until we broke up and now when im with a guy that i like its weird because i dont feel the same anymore like im the type of person to fall in love with someone if they give me a ounce of attention but now i dont feel anything like if there's always a big wall in between me i want to love someone agian i want to feel what i felt with my first love how can i love agian?


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  • Give it time, and don't assume that all relationships will turn in to love.
    You're young, so don't rush to fall in love again. When it happens, it will happen. If you're dating someone and just not feeling it after a while, don't be afraid to say "It's been fun, but it's time to be moving on."
    And don't be afraid of spending some time being single, too. Don't rush from one relationship to another just because you feel lonely or awkward being single.

  • sounds to me like you are still healing from that relationship. it takes time to truly be able to have an open heart with the capacity to be loved and love someone else.

    i know the feeling and i know it just takes time as well as actively reminding yourself that what happened in the past may not necessarily happen in the future


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